Ten Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

Summer weddings often take centre stage offering long evenings and clear skies, however there are a number of reasons why you should consider having a winter wedding and luxury hotel Stapleford Park in Leicestershire has created the top ten reasons why. Brides and grooms can create a magical day and celebrate in seasonal style. 

1. Your wedding will be unique

Winter brings with it a large versatility of décor ideas to suit any brides’ desires from magical and Christmassy to warm and cosy designs which will leave everyone remembering your wedding as being truly unique.

2. You won’t break the bank

Whilst the demand in summer month’s causes vendors to increase prices during the peak, costs during the winter remain relatively low meaning you can spend that little bit extra on the honeymoon. Venues, photographers, caterers and DJ’s are likely to all come at very reasonable prices and are less likely to be booked up with other weddings.

3. Fabulous photos

The early, frosty evening means one thing when it comes to weddings; the stunning pictures you can capture. The morning sunrise will work in your favour and the autumnal sunsets make for beautiful pictures and you might even be lucky enough to have snow for your wedding day.

4. The outfit choices are endless

Whether you want full sleeves, a shoal or straps, winter removes all restrictions and reservations the bride may have on not wanting her dress to be too warm. You can be far more creative and accessorise with faux fur, delicate lace, satin gloves and even boots, making your dress even more special. 

5. Delicious food

No one likes anything more than feel-good comfort food in winter, so why not bring this to your wedding. Whether you can’t get enough of hot chocolates with melting marshmallows, steaming soup or rich puddings, serving traditional winter dishes at your wedding will leave guests feeling warm and satisfied. Ten Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

6. Island honeymoons

There is no denying that whether it is winter or the height of summer, everyone loves a hot island escape. However, taking the trip in winter allows the bride and groom to jet off leaving the British winter behind them and top up their tans and glow on their return.

7. Availability of guests

Summer is the prime time for people to take time off work and enjoy a couple of weeks abroad, or spend quality time with their family. A winter wedding is therefore a lot less likely to clash with other weddings and holidays, meaning more of your friends and family will be able to join in on the special occasion. 

8. Fewer hair and makeup worries

Every brides’ nightmare is a bad hair day or running makeup, but you need not worry about this if you have a winter wedding. The air will be crisp instead of humid, reducing the risks of frizzy hair and your makeup is more likely to stay in place. This also means there will be less need for frequent touch-ups, allowing you to enjoy the day without that constant worry. 

9. Seasonal décor 

Brides and grooms can be creative with decorations and create subtle winter themes with frosted branches, icicles, snowflakes and candlelit aisles. These simple yet affective accessories can create a winter wonderland like no other wedding. 

10. They are downright romantic

You can’t argue that cosy blankets, snowy landscapes and roasting fires are the height of romance in the winter months, and are so easy to pull off effectively. 

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December 19, 2018

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