Trends noticed amongst brides in their 50/60’s

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One trend that I have noticed becoming more popular recently for older brides has been pink toned lipstick. As we age our skin tends to lose colour and become slightly washed out and I think older women are definitely realizing this and using makeup accordingly. Whilst they may not wear lipstick daily, they are certainly opting for a pop of pink lipstick on their big day to add some colour into their face. Lipsticks with pink tones, as oppose to nude or brown tones, work really well for this and shades such as MAC Faux and Illamasqua Kitsch have been some favourites for older brides lately. 


Bolder brows have also been incorporated into bridal makeup for ladies over fifty recently. Obviously, bold brows are loved by the younger generations due to trend setters such as Cara Delevigne, but this has definitely filtered up to older generations now too. Whilst ladies in their fifties and sixties may not pencil in their brows every day, it has most certainly bridebecome a part of their bridal makeup look. I think this is because they now know and appreciate just how much brows do shape and frame your face whilst adding youthful touch. Obviously this trend is very personal to each bride, but as a whole I have definitely seen a rise of older brides opting for bolder brows. 


I have also noticed that older women are coming to realize that cream products are much better for mature skin than powders. Traditionally for women now in their fifties and sixties, makeup would have been mostly powder during their younger years and it is difficult to deviate from what you know. However, I definitely think older women have been embracing dewy skin and going bold with their highlighter – which I love!

By Stacey Whittaker

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