Wedding bouquets that will last a lifetime

-Flower specialist launches first of its kind wedding flower preservation service-

-Unique preservation technique maintains flowers forever-


Happy couples can relive their special day forever following the launch of a new, revolutionary bouquet preservation service and floral collection.


The Wedding Collection and Lifetime Preservation Service, created by makes the ultimate wedding day memento for bride and groom, and is available for as little as £25 per bouquet, with the lifetime preservation service costing £250.  


The Wedding Collection includes fully customisable arrangements, bespoke to the ceremony, allowing brides and grooms-to-be to choose their own design, colours and quantity of flowers, with free consultation and advice available.


Wedding bouquets are paused in time in pristine condition, allowing bride, groom and guests to relive the moment for years afterwards.

Flowers are picked by hand from a number of the world’s best nurseries, with suppliers in Europe, South America and Africa. The flowers then go through Endura’s unique absorption process which evaporates the water and sap within the plant, and replaces it with a natural preservation formula.


The plants then go through a stabilisation process which involves a delicately balanced microclimate which controls the humidity, heat and light levels the flowers bouquet


Once preserved, the flowers are kept at the peak of their natural beauty for years and years without water, sunlight or any other kind of care nessesary.


Awais Babar, managing director at, commented; “We have been preserving natural flowers now for a number of years so it made sense to extend our floral tributes to the most memorable day of anyone’s life, their wedding. We use the same technology and techniques to preserve the flowers, arranging them by hand and presenting them in our hand-blown glass cases.”


“Preserving flowers can now be done with much more skill and precision than pressing them in a frame. As one of the longest held wedding traditions, flowers and bouquets will now last as long as your dress or top tier of your wedding cake. This is most definitely a bouquet you won’t want to throw away.”


The hand tied bouquets are completely customisable and last for a minimum of three years or as long as a lifetime with the dedicated preservation service – enabling children and grandchildren to come the pleasure of seeing your most important marriage memento.white bouquet


The collection also includes bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, wristlets, headbands and tabletop arrangements, which can be designed to fit the ceremony, whether it is a traditional white wedding or a more avant garde ceremony.


Keepsakes and wedding day mementos can also be created to tie in with the floral theme, with gift boxes and verre dome preserved flowers presented in a hand-blown glass cases.


For more information about Endura Roses and its new Wedding Collection, visit:

September 27, 2017

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