Wedding Trends 2019 from Benedicte Cormier

Bridal fantasy, Tropical greenery and Instagram-worthy personalisations are just some of the top wedding trends 2019.


Classic, elegant weddings will never go out of style, but creative couples will set a high bar for the industry and will bring, original and captivating trends, for the rest to draw inspiration from when planning a wedding.


Benedicte Cormier, Trendspotting Director at Nextatlas – an AI-powered platform that predicts trends and cultural shifts before they happen – expands on the top wedding trends 2019 couples should look into ahead of planning their weddings in the next year.


Wedding trends 2019


Wedding trends 2019 - couple in blue room1-Pastel power

While white dresses will never go out of style, in the next few years we will see the fashion runways and wedding industry opting for other splashes of colours, especially when it comes to pastels. Delicate pastel shades such as cream, blush, powder blue and pale green dresses will no longer be designated to Spring or Summer racing carnivals, they will be making a mark amongst modern brides and we will see more striking wedding dresses in darker shades the next two years. 


2-Ethereal escapism

Bridal fashion is visibly and continuously, undergoing a shift from a clean-lined minimalism to something much darker and dreamy - almost cinematic. To a certain degree, this has been influenced by mainstream culture and TV shows such as The Hunger Games, The Originals, Once Upon a Time, and Game of Thrones. Fantasy-inspired, fairy-tale designs reaffirm the transformative promise of fashion: once you were an ordinary girl, now you’re a cool, ethereal princess. Once you were an ordinary guy, now you are a courageous knight, and you both will live happily ever after.


3-Green with envy

Tropical greenery will become a staple at weddings - it adds height, volume and style. Lush and vibrant, these leaves can be used in many ways such as suspended structures above the tables, creating photo walls for guests’ selfies; adorning ceremony arches; or being paired with florals to create unique table centrepieces or bridal bouquets. Many  couples will become more eco conscious and will look to use reusable straws, biodegradable confetti and locally-sourced table accessories. 


Decorated door to wedding4- Personalisation to the tee 

Couples have been personalising their weddings with ever so popular chalkboards for years, adding creative food stations and LED light board signs. However, in coming years we’ll see newlyweds to go above and beyond to stand out and ensure their wedding will be remembered by their guests for years to come. This could be from naming cocktails after each other and their loved once, hiring a unique form of entertainment, venues with breathtaking views, unconventional seating charts to mark guests’ seat and more.


5- The Industrial Revolution

Long gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings in hotel ballrooms and banquet halls. More and more couples will be embracing industrial wedding venues by opting for warehouses with exposed brick work, concrete walls and refurbished factories with ductwork and faded paint. This trend will become particularly popular as these spaces will act like a blank canvases allowing to be completely customised to suit any theme, colour and style. 

April 11, 2019

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