Getting healthy for your wedding day

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As the big day is getting closer, you're as organised as you can be and all the main things are booked and ticked off. Now is the time to start thinking about yourself, in particular getting healthy. On the day of your wedding all eyes will be on you, so you will want to look your best. 

You have most likely got a professional coming on the day to style your hair and do your makeup, but have you thought about your skin or even the rest of your body? The last thing you want is to wake up the morning of your wedding with a blemish on your face - you want your make-up artist to have a perfect canvas. Eating and drinking well on the run up to your wedding day can make all the difference to look of your skin and body, and this is the one day you want to look your best.

Diets, Detox and Exercise on the run up to your wedding. 

Getting healthy for your big day!


Drinking Water

Drink water stay healthyThe run up to the wedding can be stressful: you’re going to be busy organising things and you're probably going to be tired. These things can take its toll on your skin but drinking water can help with that; it can help you maintain your energy levels and help your complexion look bright and fresh. Statistics say you should be drinking eight glasses of water a day, if this seems like a lot to you, try to have a bottle with you all the time that you sip periodically throughout the day. If you’re not a big water fan try adding a sliced lemon to your water to add a little flavour.

wedding exerciseExercise

We think you're beautiful just the way you are, but if you have a fitness goal you'd like to meet before your wedding, exercise can help you hit your target. You don't need to rush out for a gym membership either, which would be extra costs when you will already have many money commitments from the wedding. Making a plan is a good place to start, you probably want to start small if you're not used to regular exercise and then slowly build it up, but depending on how far off your wedding you start, your regime will determine the best routine for you. If you have over a month to go you can take it a bit slower than two weeks before.


Diets & Detox 

Healthy detoxIt probably seems that every time you open a magazine nowadays there is a new diet or detox to follow. From the eat green diet to the well-known Slimming World, there are plenty to choose from. Before you decide on a diet or detox make sure you do your research and find the best one for you. You want one that you will stick to, there's no point in starting one you will give up on and then have to start another one further down the line.


If all this health and beauty wedding day talk is confusing you and you don't know where to start, when it comes to Diets, Detox and Exercise, then Vows and Venues are here to help, today we will be sharing all things to help you get healthy for your big day.



November 8, 2017

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