Choosing jewellery for your wedding day?

Dr Shaza A. Sabbagh​, PhD in Design and Technology from UAL, London College of Fashion, Founder of gives her expert advice on choosing jewellery for your wedding day.

Are you preparing for your big day? did you think about your jewellery? Despite the fact that jewellery are the only wearable pieces that remain after the celebration, jewellery seem to be neglected.

Brides tend to spend more time and energy searching for their dream wedding gown. They undertake a significant amount of stress and pressure for a dress that in most cases will only be worn once. Couples spend months deciding on venue, dinner, invitation cards, flower arrangements, and entertainment. All of this is great as part of the experience and for the hundreds of pictures capturing the unforgettable memories, breathtaking wedding dress, and all the other highly praised arrangements. But what about jewellery? that the bride will be wearing and utilising forever and pass it through generations?


Choosing jewellery - a necklaceChoosing jewellery perfect for your special day

Bridal jewellery are quite particular. As a jewellery expert, I strongly advise brides to seek the help of a specialised jewellery consultant. It is important to start the dialogue from the beginning along with other preparations, in order to allow enough time to make the pieces if the are completely bespoke or to be selected from local jewellers taking into consideration, three main elements, metal colour, type of gemstones, and style. Normally brides prefer silver colour jewellery either white gold or platinum inlaid with white diamond. Some brides prefer precious coloured gems such emerald, ruby, or sapphire. Pearls jewellery are the most desired jewellery in the UK, as most women prefer to possess pearls necklace and earrings. Either freshwater or natural pearls, they are all stunning to suit your budget. For the past 5 years, rose gold jewellery became incredibly popular. It is the most sought after metal when it comes to diamond jewellery. The question is whether they match with the bridal dress or not!! Perhaps they do if the gown is made of cream or off-white fabrics.


When it comes to jewellery style, most brides have a classic taste. In few occasions, I made statement jewellery for bold brides. Engagement rings and wedding bands are the must have pieces. But other brides want more, such as a half set jewellery that consist of earrings and necklace, or third quarter set by adding a bracelet to the collection. It all comes down to the bridal preference, taste, and lifestyle. I always encourage my clients to focus on the full set ring, bracelet, necklace, and earrings to be worn on the wedding day and forever. It doesn’t matter if they are as simple as stud earrings or a full diamond necklace. A complete set is always practical to have and wear in simple occasions by wearing an item or two mainly the ring and earrings, and to add necklace and bracelet in bigger events.


Bridal jewellery are so exquisite and exceptional for the memory they hold and for their preciousness. Therefore, give yourself enough time in choosing jewellery, in order to make the right decision in selecting the jewellery for life.


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April 11, 2019

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