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A guide on how to look for high-quality when buying jewellery

How to buy high quality jewellery

James Rees Founder of Baroc jewellery boutique talks to Vows and Venues about what to look for when buying jewellery for a wedding.

Buying jewellery during wedding preparations is no longer a daunting task solely reserved for the groom-to-be or happy couple. Aside from engagement rings and wedding bands, buying jewellery as gifts for bridesmaids or groomsmen is becoming more and more popular to ensure that the occasion is a time never forgotten.


Top bridal jewellery trends for 2019

Bridal jewellery - Leo with Love jewellery with geometric design

Leora Moreno, a bridal jewellery designer who set up Leo With Love, advises on the top bridal jewellery trends for 2019…

In 2019 we see brides moving away from the more traditional gowns of old and focusing on pieces of different colours, lengths and styles – capes made of tulle, slashes of skin on show or a plunging neckline are all to be seen on the most blushing of brides. With dresses becoming more extravagant, jewellery is also taken up a notch; more is definitely more in this case. There are three big things to focus on to create your perfect look…

Choosing jewellery for your wedding day?

Wedding necklace

Dr Shaza A. Sabbagh​, PhD in Design and Technology from UAL, London College of Fashion, Founder of gives her expert advice on choosing jewellery for your wedding day.

Are you preparing for your big day? did you think about your jewellery? Despite the fact that jewellery are the only wearable pieces that remain after the celebration, jewellery seem to be neglected.

How to buy wedding jewellery... that won't lose its value overnight

Silver engagement ring

It may come as a surprise to find that one of the most romantic jewellery purchases in your life loses its monetary value instantly. Yes, in the vast majority of cases engagement rings don’t hold their value. If you were to purchase an engagement ring in a shopping centre from a household named jewellers at around the £1000 mark, it is likely to be worth next to nothing after you’ve swiped your credit card - well, perhaps around £30. Buying your wedding jewellery well is important if you don’t want it to depreciate in value faster than you can say ‘I do’.  

Win £2,000 worth of wedding jewellery for free!

happy couple on wedding day

Tying the knot this May? A national jewellers is giving lucky couples the chance to receive the royal treatment this May, with £2,000 worth of FREE wedding jewellery – but there’s a catch, they have to be tying the knot on the same day as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

To stop the royals stealing one loved-up couple’s thunder this May, Beaverbrooks the Jewellers will make their big day even more special by covering the cost of their wedding jewellery.  

Beautiful bridal pearl jewellery from Claudia Bradby

Wedding pearl jewellery

Wear contemporary and chic pearls on your wedding day with beautiful bridal pearl jewellery styles from Claudia Bradby. Introducing Signature Hearts, a collection featuring pearl pendant necklaces, chokers and stud earrings, so beautiful you’ll be sure to dazzle on your big day!

Inspired by classic romanticism, such as an English rose garden, the pieces capture the feeling of finding something genuine, hidden deep amid life’s distractions. The modern and versatile pearl jewellery collection features striking heart motifs in rose gold and timeless rhodium, paired with lustrous natural seed pearls in delicate blushed pink and ethereal white.

Personalised wedding jewellery for the big day

wedding jewellery

What can be more amazing than shopping for gifts for the bride and groom? & What can be even more thrilling than having the perfect place to go to for a little box with a lot of meaning? Wedding jewellery can be the perfect gift!

Jewellerybox has been at the top of their game when it comes to elegance, personalization, quality and diversity in design of Jewellery for special occasions. Offering the sparkle needed for weddings jewellerybox becomes the magic wand to every bride and all her bridesmaids whether you’re buying for the bride or you are the bride.

How to choose your wedding jewellery

wedding jewellery

Add the finishing touches to your big day, with Azendi’s bridal service…

Azendi is a unique British jewellery brand which specialises in sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Focusing on design and quality, Azendi’s bridal jewellery is designed to be as precious as your big day. With a wide variety of contemporary and traditional bridal styles available, all of Azendi’s stores offer a free one-to-one consultation with one of their expert personal shoppers, where you can try on various styles to find the perfect jewellery for your dress.

The colour and style of your dress are all important in determining which bridal jewellery you should choose. Here’s some of Azendi's top tips…

Wedding Dress Shades