How to have radiant skin for your wedding day

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For every bride on their big day, having radiant skin is one of their top priorities when it comes to looking and feeling great and at their most confident. MasterChef finalist Angela Langford has created an award-winnning organic, natural, cruelty free skincare range inspired by ingredients from natures larder.

Here, Angela gives some easy to implement advice on how to prepare your skin for your wedding day. Over to Angela .. 

Every bride dreams of looking and feeling their best on their special day.

A smile and being deliriously happy can play a big part on looking and feeling fabulous but there are also a few easy tips you can start using now to prepare your skin for the big day.

Tips for having radiant skin on your wedding day

Regular exfoliation is key but gently does it. It’s important not to use harsh exfoliators – as these can damage your skin. A lot of people think that exfoliators need to be quite rough and hard and they like a “scrubby” feel. Whilst crushed & ground nut shells are great for using on your body, they can be a bit too harsh for your face. Instead look for rounded grains like Jojoba Peeling grains as these are rounded and smooth so they won’t irritate your skin and make sure they are natural.

radiant skin on your wedding dayFruit is Fab… It’s tasty, full of vitamins and we all know it should be part of our five a day. Fruit is also fab for our faces too! Look for natural skincare products that contain Natural Fruit Acids – also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs. These fruit acids break down dead and dull skin cells and increase the rate of cell renewal – skin will look softer, smoother and brighter. Papaya is another great ingredient for your fruit bowl and your skin. This gently dissolves dead dull skin and brightens your complexion. Look for natural skincare products that contain Papaya (listed as Carica Papaya on the ingredients list). Scrub Up combines these AHAs, Papaya with Jojoba Peeling Grains to gently exfoliate and brighten your complexion.

Make a Moment for Massage. Facial massage is one of the best ways to get that gorgeous glow and face oils are ideal for this. First choose a face oil that suits your skin (you may be surprised to learn that even very oily skin can benefit from using an oil. Oils rich in omega 3 help to regulate the amount of oil your skin produces). Use one or two drops and massage it into clean skin. Apply it your face, neck and décolletage and use upward sweeping and circular movements. Spend a few minutes – five if you can –on the massage. Massage stimulates blood flow and this in turn results in skin that has a gorgeous dewy glow and radiance. Plus it can help to prevent the effects of gravity too and it’s deeply relaxing. My personal favourite face oil is Bloom & Glow – it contains balancing ingredients that have natural radiance boosting properties and massaging this into your skin gives your complexion an added lovely luminosity.

All these tips will help you have radiant skin on your wedding day!

Please feel free to visit her website to find out more about her exciting tailored skincare range and service. 

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November 3, 2017

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