Mary-Le-Bone the perfect wedding gift (review)

With wedding season in full swing, you have probably been invited to a wedding or maybe even two? With a wedding invite comes decisions, for instance, what will I wear? will I need to stay overnight, what wedding gift should I get for the couple? Attending a wedding isn't as simple as it may at first seem.


Here at Vows and Venues, we like to try and take some of the stress of attending a wedding away from you, by sharing our views and suggestions on all things wedding-related, this includes reviewing some of the latest products to the market. Including some unique wedding gift ideas, such as Mary-Le-Bone London Dry gin Orange and Geranium Gin.


Vows and Venues wedding gift review - Mary-Le-Bone Gin 


My first impression of Mary-Le-Bone orange and Geranium gin when it was delivered and we removed it from the box was that it was beautifully presented in a deep orange bottle with a cork lid and white decorative type on the front which gives the gin an old fashioned feel to it. The presentation of the gin isn't just your normal run-of-the-mill bottle which makes it more suitable for a wedding gift.


But it's not all about the look when selecting the perfect wedding gift, if the gin inside the bottle didn't match the quality of the container it would have been a real shame... luckily enough the orange and geranium gin contained in the bottle definitely lived up to expectations. 


mary-le-bone gin wedding giftTasting the wedding gift just for you


As the gin has a high alcohol percentage of 46.2% I chose not to use to much gin as I didn't want to ruin my first try by making it too overpowering, I chose to pair it up with lemonade as my choice of mixer (I'm not a tonic girl), added a few ice cubes and added a couple of slices of orange for decoration. Luckily enough, I got the ratio just perfect and was able to enjoy my first sample of Mary-le-Bone Orange and Geranium gin sat in the glorious sunshine. The gin has a lovely fruity taste to it with a subtle floral botanical background flavour. I would recommend not using too much gin as it does have a very strong flavour to it and I think if you were to use too much you may lose the fruitiness. As I prefer a sweet gin over dry I was a little worried I wouldn't enjoy the taste but combining with lemonade combated this, but if you prefer a dry gin you could always use your preferred tonic. All in all the taste of the gin matches up perfectly with the outside look of the gin and I would recommend it to anyone who loves gin and only for a wedding gift.


Reviewed by Nikki Carter



The perfect cheap wedding gift idea


When it comes to wedding gift etiquette we know that there is an unspoken rule that you are required to spend over X amount but do you have to if the wedding gift you have chosen is perfect for the couple? we think not! Just because something doesn't cost you the world doesn't mean it wasn't chosen with love and careful thought. 


Gin served in Copa glassesMary-Le-Bone gin falls into the cheap wedding gift category with a regular cost of £28.00 it doesn't cost much at all - and it's on offer at the moment, reduced to £22! Not spending as much on the wedding gift means you could have spare funds to spend on other items for the wedding (maybe you weren't going to buy the shoes you had your heart set on). 


But if don't want to break wedding etiquette we have the perfect suggestion for you; you could buy a set of Copa gin glasses and have them engraved, they would make perfect unique personalised wedding gifts.  




Mary-le-bone orange and geranium gin could be the perfect wedding gift for a couple who loves gin, it isn't your everyday gin. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot this gin fits the bill. 



Mary-Le-Bone Orange and Geranium Gin, a small-batch super-premium gin from The Pleasure Gardens Distilling Company is on offer for £22, 50cl (reduced from £28) in Sainsbury’s stores until 3rd September 2019.

August 15, 2019

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