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How to get better sleep before your big day

Woman asleep on bed

Sleep: we all need it but, sometimes, we just can’t seem to get enough of it. It affects your long-term health and energy levels, but also has an impact on your physical appearance – probably one of the biggest concerns for brides-to-be before their big day. 

In general, adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep but the exact amount varies from person to person. A good night’s sleep won’t rid you of your problems in the run up to your wedding day, but it can mean that you’re able to deal with difficult or stressful situations more easily. 

Embrace the beautiful game into your big day this weekend!

Embrace the beautiful game into your big day this weekend!

If you’re getting married this Saturday and you know at least half of your wedding party will be edging away from the dance floor and into a corner to watch the England game, don’t despair – embrace it!

That’s the advice from Michelle Jacobs, wedding planner from

“Having been planning weddings for more than five years I’ve come across sporting events like this on more than one occasion, and whilst at the time it seems like a bride’s worst nightmare, you can actually turn it to your advantage and have fun with it,” comments Michelle.

Michelle’s top tips:

Getty ready for your perfect wedding?

Getty ready for your perfect wedding?

Want a helping hand to get rid of those excess pounds? Then try Yacón Syrup – a sweet treat with hidden benefits. Derived from the tuberous roots of the Peruvian Yacón plant, known locally as Peruvian Ground Apple, Yacón Syrup has a sweet pear-like taste not too dissimilar to caramelised sugar.

With half the calories of sugar and a low GI it makes for a deliciously healthy alternative to sugar. Simply add to foods and drink as you would sugar. Yacón has also been shown to support digestive health and may even help to curb appetite.