Embrace the beautiful game into your big day this weekend!

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If you’re getting married this Saturday and you know at least half of your wedding party will be edging away from the dance floor and into a corner to watch the England game, don’t despair – embrace it!

That’s the advice from Michelle Jacobs, wedding planner from https://www.ritzy-events.co.uk

“Having been planning weddings for more than five years I’ve come across sporting events like this on more than one occasion, and whilst at the time it seems like a bride’s worst nightmare, you can actually turn it to your advantage and have fun with it,” comments Michelle.

Michelle’s top tips:

  • Don’t shy away from it, make it a part of the day and ensure there is a big screen available for guests to mingle whilst watching
  • If you happen to be getting married at 2pm or 3pm – ask the venue to record it and show the match later – knowing that you are all away from the ‘real-time’ match and watching it together as a group later on will bring everyone closer together and will in fact be a great bonding opportunity for those who don’t know each other terribly well
  • If you’re having a civil ceremony, incorporate ‘Football’s coming home’ into your procssion music, it’s sure to raise a few smiles on the big dayEmbrace the beautiful game into your big day this weekend!
  • If there are a lot of football fans in attendance, send out a last-minute invite for everyone who wants to change into their football attire to do so whilst the game is on
  • Incorporate England flags into the area where the match is going to be viewed, with bunting, flags and other regalia
  • A light-hearted bet on the day, with funds going to a charity that’s close to your heart, is a lovely way of incorporating the big event into your big day.

Michelle adds: “The World Cup is such a huge sporting occasion that it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Often, I’ve found that it brings guests together, whatever the final result. It makes for a lasting memory so embrace it as much as you can and spare some time to make any last minute adjustments - your venue will be only too delighted to help out, I’m sure."


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