Nothing says blushing bride more than a beautiful smile

Nothing says blushing bride more than a beautiful smile


Nothing says blushing bride more than a beautiful smile -after all what could possibly be more important on the happiest day of one's life?

Dr Miguel Stanley is a smile revolutionary, who is helping both brides and grooms around the world improve their smiles and ultimately change their lives. Says Dr Stanley, “The Hollywood smile – you know what I’m talking about – the perfect, blindingly white smile full of identical, enormous, perfect veneers. No one wants that anymore.”


FIVE YEARS after the nation watched them tie the knot, Kate and Wills topped the list of Brits’ favourite celebrity weddings – beating stars like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to the top spot.

A survey of 2,235 UK adults, carried out by One4all, the Post Office gift card, revealed it’s royal weddings leading the way.

Charles and Diana’s wedding came in at second place, followed by the marriage of Hollywood royalty, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Kate and Wills’ 2011 nuptials topped the list of the nation’s favourite celebrity weddings

What goes on at Murder Mystery Party?

What goes on at Murder Mystery Party?

What can be a more unique and unusual birthday present than a murder mystery weekend?

Imagine attending a social dinner where a fictional murder occurs. One moment, people are enjoying the food and interactions, the next moment they are caught up in a murder mystery party.

These events have grown in popularity over the years and can provide entertainment and suspense for people of all ages. Guests and attendees all become part of the show as the story unfolds around their dinner table and the premises.

The Crystal Diva collection luxury eyewear

Crystal Diva

Are you a bride who dreams of wearing glasses on the big day? Are you worried they’re just not special enough to sparkle alongside your dream wedding dress?

The Crystal Diva collection, from luxury eyewear brand Silhouette, is the perfect accessory for brides who want to wear their glasses with pride on their big day. These beautiful rimless frames are like a piece of stunning jewellery for the face, ensuring that the bride’s eyes aren’t obscured on the happiest day of her life, and the breath-taking crystal detail will make sure all eyes are on her!

Sweet Hollywood bespoke wedding cakes

Sweet Hollywood bespoke wedding cakes

A couple only has one shot at their wedding cake, so it is no surprise that brides are going all out to make sure their cakes are reflecting the latest and greatest in designs.  Vows and Venue’s speak to Sweet Hollywood, a unique bespoke cake company based in London founded by husband and wife duo Pardeep Gill & Renu Kaur Gill.

Sweet Hollywood cater for all occasions, however they have built their impeccable reputation around creating bespoke wedding cakes.  Like Hollywood their cakes are larger than life, with each edible work of art directed by the client and then beautifully crafted by their team of artists.

We sat down with Pardeep and Renu to talk through the wedding cake trends we can expect from 2016: