Style Expert talks about the use of artificial flowers in weddings

Style Expert talks about the use of artificial flowers in weddings

Flower power:  Wayfair’s Resident Style Expert, Nadia McCowan Hill talks about the use of artificial flowers in weddings:

Picture it – walking down the aisle with a beautiful array of flowers, stunning colours that radiate across the room and emit flawless radiance. However, these flowers are not the kind that will need to be put aside following your special day. These are flowers, that like the memories of your joyous occasion, will live on in blossomed perfection.


 Zoe Anastasi and Will Diggins social media weddings


A bride has told of her excitement as she prepares to take part in the UK’s first official social media wedding.

Zoe Anastasi’s big day will be captured and broadcast by iPhone-carrying photographers every 15 minutes on social media. Her ceremony will be live streamed over Twitter and there will be social media walls at her reception. Her day has even been organised over Facebook.

For Zoe, from Derby, it was a no-brainer to have a professionally-run social media wedding.

“Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. You worry that it’s over in 24 hours, and I think it’s great to enjoy the build-up, to get more people involved in it. It makes it more special.

The Ultimate Wedding Budget Guide - Infographic

Weddings create memories for lifetime not only for the bride and the groom but also for the family of both the sides. It’s nice to have a wedding all planned out as per your budget in order to create a wonderful wedding memory for both the families so that no one gets disturbed with the high costs or the hidden costs of the wedding. It’s a best practice to cut down the costs of unnecessary items and keep a fair amount as a backup for some unusual things, so that in case you need money urgently you can have it from your backup savings.

Pennine Manor – a stunning Yorkshire location

Pennine Manor Hotel, Yorkshire will help you design your perfect wedding


Sat on the edge of the stunning Pennine hills, the Pennine Manor Hotel is set in a beautiful and tranquil location. With panoramic views right across the Yorkshire countryside, the hotel is located just outside Huddersfield. 

It’s our belief that every single wedding should be completely unique and personal to the special couple, so our wedding planners will go out of their way to help you design that perfect day. We’re not just helping you to plan out one day, we’re making memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Is it time to take the leap “Will you marry me”?

Is it time to take the leap “Will you marry me”?

Every four years comes a day when women are traditionally encouraged to take the plunge and ask their other half… “Will you marry me”?

We don’t believe that we women are restrained to popping the question just twice  decade; it should be when the time is right! But the leap year does give us a great opportunity to think about dream proposals and how we would go about it if we were the ones planning to put a ring on it.

Is this the most romantic work place in Yorkshire?

Carlton Park Hotel in Rotherham shoots Cupid’s arrow, Mark and Jessica Gaze cutting their wedding cake


It may not have been the setting for Pretty Woman or Maid in Manhattan, but in recent years Rotherham’s largest independent hotel has proved to be the star of its own romantic blockbuster, with 17 members of staff meeting their perfect partner whilst working at the popular three star hotel.

Carlton Park Hotel has been shooting Cupid’s arrow since it first opened its doors in 1981 and hosts more than 80 weddings each year. But it’s behind the scenes where true love has blossomed and fairy tale matches have been made with many of its staff falling for its charms; meeting and eventually marrying ‘The One’ within the walls of the hotel.