Style Expert talks about the use of artificial flowers in weddings

Flower power:  Wayfair’s Resident Style Expert, Nadia McCowan Hill talks about the use of artificial flowers in weddings:

Picture it – walking down the aisle with a beautiful array of flowers, stunning colours that radiate across the room and emit flawless radiance. However, these flowers are not the kind that will need to be put aside following your special day. These are flowers, that like the memories of your joyous occasion, will live on in blossomed perfection.


In recent years, the use of arti cial owers has seen a huge increase at weddings, where brides are opting for beautiful oral décor at a fraction of the price that will stand the test of time. From delicate, white Orchids to Amaryllis and even hanging Petunia, the options are quite endless. On the wedding scene these owers are making an appearance everywhere, in bridal bouquets, on table settings and, most prominently as a form of décor that remains ever green - think of a charming Peony covered entryway or Lily laced benches and you won’t be disappointed.




Best of all, following the wedding, you can have these eternal owers placed around your home in wedding memorabilia vignettes or stylish vases that act as a beautiful reminder of your big day. At Wayfair, we have a stunning selection of faux owers that echo the beauty and charm of the orals that in uenced their creation.

Tip: If you’ve got a good eye for orals, why not try making your own table settings with arti cial owers, were you can combine a diverse range for an exquisite wedding touch.



Cloud Faux Orchid Accent £26.99, Hanging Petunia £54.99, Renoncule Bouquet £37.99, Stone Filled Glass Cube with Persevered Rose £32.99, Gifts and Accessories Long Stem Ornament Plant £31.00, Autumn Peony Plant £41.98, Autumn Chrysanthemum Plant £23.98, Flowering Grass in Ornate Planter £46.99, Preserved Moss Heart £34.99, Single Lily £8.51.



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