Weddings worthy of a photo finish at racecourse

Weddings worthy of a photo finish 

Newbury Racecourse launches new packages for the big day

Couples are set to race down the aisle after Newbury Racecourse announced a new range of wedding packages.

The historic venue in Berkshire has been hosting horse races since 1905 – but will now see happy couples heading down the home straight too.

The launch comes in response to recent trends from wedding couples seeking less traditional venues.

Gemma Williams, Weddings Executive at Newbury Racecourse commented: “We’ve seen a real uptake in requests for unique weddings and in some cases specifically equestrian-themed events. We’re proud to now cater for both through our new wedding packages.”

Picture perfect for your wedding day

On your wedding day, you want everything to be just perfect. From the weather, cake, dress to makeup.  

We all have an idea how we want to look on the day but  when it comes to the wedding photos; it can be a daunting experience.  How do you look picture perfect with a confident smile?

There is no point in having the perfect lipstick shade for your complexion,  when you your teeth are the same colour as your fake tan!    A very visible part of your appearance in photos, your teeth need to be a big part of your big bridal beauty routine.

Photo Perfect Teeth

Trends for 2016

As a stylist and wedding planner identifying trends is something that’s so important to keep on top of. While it’s always important not to go too over the top with ‘trend over timeless’ and risk your wedding photos looking dated, incorporating new and exciting elements can set you apart as one of the coolest, most creative couples.

Pros and cons of changing into a reception dress on your wedding day

Pros and cons of changing into a reception dress on your wedding day by Venus Bridal

You’ve chosen the wedding dress of your dreams. You’ve picked a hairstyle and you’ve even got your jewellery and accessories in place. Now all you’ve got left to decide is whether to stay in your beautiful wedding gown for the whole duration of the wedding or to slip into a different outfit for the reception.

Whilst many brides prefer to stay in their stunning bridal dresses for the whole day and night, others opt to change into an entirely new outfit for the evening’s celebrations. If you’re indecisive as to whether to opt for two different glamorous outfits, take a look at some of the pros and cons of changing into a reception dress on your wedding day.