How to Get a Good Night's Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

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Swap tossing and turning for sweet dreams and get a good nights sleep, with these pre-wedding sleep tips from pyjama and slipper brand Pretty You London.

Sleep is hugely important in the run up to your wedding day.  You’ll want to be well rested to take on the biggest day of your life (and party until the early hours).  And of-course it’s the one night when beauty sleep is even more of a priority.  Yet the stresses and strains of wedding planning often result in sleepless nights. So, how do you ensure you’re getting enough shut eye ahead of the big day? Rebecca Brown, head of design at premium pyjama and slipper brand Pretty You London shares the following tips.


The top tips ro get a good nights sleep before your wedding


Women reading with blue light preparing for a good nights sleepSwap blue light for sunlight

It’s hard to resist the urge to update your Instagram when ‘this time tomorrow’ you’ll be married, but if you’re serious about being well rested it’s time to banish screens from the bedroom.  Blue light emitted from phones, tables and other devices play havoc with your circadian rhythms.  That’s the body’s natural internal process to regulate sleep.

To reset your body clock, you need a good amount of sunlight during the daytime and a dark room (as dark as possible) at bedtime to signal it’s time for sleep.

But it’s not as simple as sunbathing then switching off for one night.  You’ll need to invest time into developing a good sleep schedule weeks before the wedding day.  Go to bed and get up at the same time each day - even at weekends!


Clear your mind

Pre-wedding sleep problems are often a short-term issue, caused by having too many things to think about.  The best way to purge the mind of what’s keeping you awake is to write it down.  Create a list of concerns along with potential solutions and you’ll instantly feel prepared and in control.

Practising mindfulness is a brilliant way to stop you dwelling on the ‘what ifs’ and focus on the present. Similarly, light physical exercise is a powerful tool to relax the mind and body – try some simple stretches or yoga with deep breathing two hours before bedtime.


Women stretching after a good nights sleepInvest in comfort

Optimise your sleep environment.  Invest in some good quality bedding and pillows, free of lumps and bumps, one of our favourites for a calming and restorative night’s sleep is the Breath Duvet from The Fine Bedding Company.  As well as being soft, light and comfortable it also regulates temperature - another key ingredient for comfort and sleep success is temperature.  According to most experts, the best room temperature for sleeping is between 16C and 18C. Having a thermometer in a bedroom can help you track this. 

And of-course, wearing the correct nightwear suited to the season is a must.  Pretty You London’s bamboo nightshirts, pyjamas and short/cami sets are made from bamboo Viscose, which is super soft against the skin and breathable, naturally regulating body temperature.


Take some me time

With so much to think about, sometimes all you need to do is take some time for yourself and switch off. Do whatever makes you happy, - make yourself a mug of herbal tea, put on a feel-good film or snuggle up with a good book in your freshly made bed.

We think the best way to do this is to run yourself a bath, switch off your mobile and treat yourself to some beauty prep for the big day. And once you’re out, treat your feet to the comfiest slippers, we recommend the white Anya slippers from Pretty You London, as they will also be perfect for the wedding day.

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June 28, 2019

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