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How to Get a Good Night's Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

Women stretching after a good nights sleep

Swap tossing and turning for sweet dreams and get a good nights sleep, with these pre-wedding sleep tips from pyjama and slipper brand Pretty You London.

Sleep is hugely important in the run up to your wedding day.  You’ll want to be well rested to take on the biggest day of your life (and party until the early hours).  And of-course it’s the one night when beauty sleep is even more of a priority.  Yet the stresses and strains of wedding planning often result in sleepless nights. So, how do you ensure you’re getting enough shut eye ahead of the big day? Rebecca Brown, head of design at premium pyjama and slipper brand Pretty You London shares the following tips.


27 terms you should know before buying an engagement ring

Three diamond engagement ring examples

Are you planning on getting down on one knee for your loved one, or just planning on picking your own ring? Whatever the reason, it’s important that you are familiar with all the terminology that you might come across when buying an engagement ring. 

If you’re not an experience jewellery buyer, choosing an engagement ring can be intimidating. You ideally want a piece that shows how well you know them and represents your feelings for them. Lastly, you want it to fit (although size can always be amended later) and ideally fall within your budget. Angelic Diamonds, retailers of engagement rings, decode some of the common terms: 


Revealed: THIS is how much you should spend on that all-important wedding present 

Revealed: THIS is how much you should spend on that all-important wedding present 

With wedding season in full swing, guests across the country will be asking themselves the same questions: how much should I spend on a present and is it okay to give cash?! 

Research* from personal loan provider, Hitachi Personal Finance, has got to the bottom of just how much the nation spends on (and expects to receive as)  a wedding present, and if cash/vouchers or a physical gift is better.