6 winning wedding looks to ensure the groom looks his best

Most women have been planning their wedding day since they were old enough to pretend to walk down the aisle.

Over the years, they will have considered the types of flowers they will be carrying, whether or not the wedding will take place in a church, a big country house or a castle. They will know if they want a big family wedding, or if they will be heading somewhere special with a few family members. They will know if they want to get married in spring, summer, autumn or winter and can describe The Dress in minute detail.

However, despite hours and hours of day dreaming and planning, very little if no time will have been spent planning the groom’s outfit. Will he be wearing a classic Morning suit, do you want him in black tie and tails, or will he be wearing a much more relaxed mismatched outfit?

Luckily, men’s fashion tips and style guide magazine, Fashion Beans, has. They have decided to put the groom back into the spotlight and produced this handy infographic. Covering everything from formal and classic to relaxed and more modern, the team at Fashion Beans have come up with 6 winning wedding looks to ensure the groom looks his best on his big day.

Knowing that the accessories are just as important, the Fashion Beans team have also researched the meanings behind some of the most popular colour options for ties and pocket squares ensuring your groom does not let the side down.

groom infographic


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