Korean beauty... How to incorporate this 10 step skincare regime into your life

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The 10-step Korean skincare regime sounds more onerous than it is and is actually the basis of a great skincare routine. Following it everyday will ensure that you have great skin, that is thoroughly cleansed, hydrated and treated, protecting it from ageing and environmental aggression. I also believe it’s a great idea to book a course of facials to enhance the benefits so that you have glowing, radiant and rejuvenated skin.

The concept is quite simple and you may find you are doing most of it already. If you follow a nightly routine of eye make-up removal, double cleanse and tone, serum/concentrate, eye cream, lip product, moisturise, with a weekly exfoliate and mask – you are already achieving the 10 steps renowned in Korean beauty.

Freixenet is set to keep your wedding toast cool this summer

Ice rose bottle

Freixenet are keeping wedding toasts cool this summer with their new ICE Rosé. The most recent addition to the Freixnet family, ICE Rosé has been uniquely designed to be poured over chunks of ice, with a purposely richer flavor to balance the chill.


Coming in a glossy white and pink bottle, the fizz would be a striking centre piece for any wedding. The perfect accompaniment to salads, duck dishes and fruity puddings, ICE Rosé can be the choice of refreshment for mains and deserts. 


Revealed: Top 10 wedding day fears

wedding day fears

The UK’s top 10 wedding day fears have been revealed, which include being stood up at the alter, drunk guests, wardrobe malfunctions and bad British weather.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults by has unveiled Brides’ top wedding day fear is being stood up at the alter, with 77% concerned their partner will be a no show.

Almost three-quarters (73%) confessed to being wary of a wardrobe malfunction on their big day, anxious that their dress wouldn’t fit or that it would be damaged during the reception.

69% of brides-to-be were uneasy about the weather on their big day, with Great Britain famous for surprise downpours and unseasonable weather.

Travelling tips for your honeymoon

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Here they are; insider travelling tips to ensure your honeymoon is as stress-free as possible...

Know when to book - While last minute deals can be great, it doesn’t guarantee that you will find a deal that saves you a lot of cash. For long-haul flights it is advisable to book two to four months ahead of travelling, while for shorter trips you can look closer to the planned date, keeping an eye out for airline sales, as airlines will begin to worry about filling up all of the seats.  Additionally, when you fly could impact how much you save, with midweek flights usually being cheaper than weekends.

Prenups - why they aren’t the romance killers you think they are!


Once celebrated by the rich and famous, prenuptial agreements, or prenups are becoming increasingly popular.  Does wanting one mean you think your marriage won’t last?  No!  Ensuring you are both protected in a way that is, often, representative of what you have built together is both loving and courageous. In this article, family and matrimonial lawyers at Keystone Law, Carolyn Bottomley and Kim Marshall explain why getting a prenup can be one of the most caring things to do, alongside the more practical advantages.  Protecting each other financially, no matter what, is romantic!

Trends noticed amongst brides in their 50/60’s

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One trend that I have noticed becoming more popular recently for older brides has been pink toned lipstick. As we age our skin tends to lose colour and become slightly washed out and I think older women are definitely realizing this and using makeup accordingly. Whilst they may not wear lipstick daily, they are certainly opting for a pop of pink lipstick on their big day to add some colour into their face. Lipsticks with pink tones, as oppose to nude or brown tones, work really well for this and shades such as MAC Faux and Illamasqua Kitsch have been some favourites for older brides lately. 


Unnecessary Wedding Costs

Wedding dress

Last month I brought you ‘Weddings Costs to Watch Out For’, so this month I wanted to bring you some unnecessary costs that can be avoided.  


Wedding anxiety is a real thing, and you can easily get carried away with what you think you need, what your parents tell you they think you need, what Pinterest tells you it thinks you need, not to mention mounting competition from siblings, family, friends and even bridesmaids!  


I asked one of my recent brides the best piece of advice she received while wedding planning.  She described one night freaking out on the phone to her sister about all the little things she still had to do and buy, and her sister simply said, ‘Remember, it’s just one day’.   


Food you should eat before your wedding

food green tea

Frida Harju, In-House Nutritionist at food and health app Lifesum (, comments:

Asparagus - Asparagus and other leafy greens, such as celery and artichokes possess dieurtetic properties, which work to reduce bloating. Additionally, the high amounts of fibre found in asparagus will leave you feeling fuller for longer, preventing you from reaching for that late-afternoon snack, all of which make it a great food to eat before your wedding day.