Be Bold and Bright This Summer, with Slaters


Summer weddings are the perfect occasion to be brave, and go bold and bright with your outfit. At Slaters, we believe that standing out from the crowd is a good thing, and we give you all the tools to do so!


Whether you’re feeling colourful and bright, or dark but bold, we’ve got the perfect suit to get you styled and ready for this summer’s weddings.


Slaters’ Collection of Colourful Suits - 


The Burgundy One

A shot in time….

the right shots

One of my biggest concerns when it comes to weddings is the photographer and couples choosing the right one for them.  It’s such an important part of the day, yet so many couples overlook some really-important points that help when it comes to getting the right photographer and ensuring that they take the right shots for you!  

Here’s my handy hints to getting the best one for you that’s right for your very special day.

How to Have Beautiful Eyes on Your Wedding Day

How to Have Beautiful Eyes

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life and every bride deserves bright and beautiful eyes. Your eyes are the window of your soul and the last thing you need is dark circles or red eyes as you walk down the aisle. 


Wedding are an emotional time and it’s easy to tear up, making your eyes red and irritated. 

Vision Direct, the UK’s leading online retailer for contact lenses, has shared with us a few tips for beautiful bridal eyes on your wedding day. Follow these tips to get sparkling, beautiful eyes the morning of your wedding day.


Apply soothing treatments


Add a celebratory spirit to your wedding with Dunnet Bay Distillers

Dunnet Bay Distillers


Whether you’re looking to win over your wedding guests with fabulous favours or to build a truly British bar, then look no further than the selection from Dunnet Bay Distillers. The UK’s most northerly mainland distillery offers two lovingly hand-crafted spirits, Rock Rose Gin and Holy Grass Vodka, both unique in flavour and also available in a favour-friendly miniature format.

Set up by husband and wife team, Martin and Claire Murray, in 2014, Dunnet Bay Distillery is located in the wilderness of the far north of Scotland. The couple are passionate about handcrafting spirits that celebrate the heritage and provenance of Caithness and pride themselves on using local hand-foraged botanicals.

Barbados Celebrity Hot-Spot Launches Luxury Wedding Breaks

beach house

The Lone Star Boutique Hotel and Suites – a luxury, beach-front hideaway set in the exclusive St James area of Barbados – has this month introduced two bespoke breaks for pre-wedding celebrations and honeymoons.


Before the big day, the bride-to-be and members of her wedding party can relax and unwind with a luxurious ‘pre-wedding celebration’ stay that includes:

The Greenery Wedding Trend - and why it’s a big hit with brides

Jay Rowden Photography


It’s official: Panetone’s colour of the Year is Greenery.


Known by its official name as 15-0343 Greenery, this zesty yellow-green shade

is symbolic of vitality, rejuvenation, and our desire to authentically re-connect with the wider world and with ourselves. 


And in our innate desire to ‘feeling human’ again, we seek to surround ourselves with nature, and our loved ones. Perhaps this explains why Greenery transcends so well into wedding design, and its rising popularity: the association we have with this ‘life-affirming’ shade is the association we have marriage.


Up, up and away – fun factor confetti balloons

fun factor confetti balloons

Celebrate your wedding day in style and add a fun factor to your décor with confetti balloons. Shropshire Petals have just launched their brand-new Giant and standard Confetti Balloons, guaranteed to make a statement!

Filled with your choice of natural petal confetti, use confetti balloons to transform your wedding venue. Choose confetti to match your chosen colour scheme or to contrast, making them stand out beautifully wherever they are displayed.

Here are some décor and photograph ideas from Shropshire Petals:

Place a Giant Confetti Balloon at either side of your ceremony venue entrance for a touch of glamour.

Why biophilic design will work wonders for your wedding...


When you picture your dream wedding, where do you feel happiest; the most connected, relaxed or content? Does ‘getting away from it all’ for the big day conjure ideas of wilderness, birdsong and green vistas? The gentle trickle of a water feature in a country garden, hazy dappled sunlight, the scent of wildflowers in the breeze and the comforting sensation of grass between your toes? Is the sensory deprivation of your daily urban grind leaving you wistful for a multi-sensory nature hit? You’re not alone!

What is Biophilia?

Five senses wedding planning - How incorporating the 5 senses makes for the most memorable wedding...


It’s finally here. The big day. The day that has taken up every spare waking minute (and sometimes ones when you are asleep) for the last couple of years. It’s the MOST important day of your life and one that you’ve dreamed about for… forever!  It’s the day that you and your partner have saved vigorously for. The carefully selected guest list has been agonised over - where do you seat people, what about the theme?, dress?, decorations?, cake? .. the list goes on. It’s not uncommon for a bride to be to have nightmares and wake up in a fluster of panic leading up to the big day.