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One of my biggest concerns when it comes to weddings is the photographer and couples choosing the right one for them.  It’s such an important part of the day, yet so many couples overlook some really-important points that help when it comes to getting the right photographer and ensuring that they take the right shots for you!  

Here’s my handy hints to getting the best one for you that’s right for your very special day.

1 – First off do your research!  Look through local wedding magazines, speak to wedding organsiers, get recommendations from local friends and family, read wedding blogs to find names of the best photographers for you. Then make a short list and call in their portfolios as well as speaking to couples that have used them.  So many couples don’t do this and often just go off word of mouth and book without checking out their credentials!the right shots

2 – Understand the different styles of photos that a professional photographer can offer.  Do you want a more formal arrangement or more casual, informal images? This will influence who you choose to a large degree.  Remember though, many close family members like to busy wedding images as keepsakes, so going for all informal shots without thought to staging a few key photos with the bridal party and family members may cause a few frowns later!

3 – Make sure that you get on well - if you don’t appreciate their sense of humour and just don’t gel, then move on to another one asap!

4 – Set your budget before you book. This will shape the photographer you choose and the type of photography package you can book.  If budgets are tight – perhaps use friends and family to take informal photos and a professional for the more formal shots and to capture the key moments of the day such as the cutting of the cake, ceremony, and first-dance.tlc

5 – Some brides prefer a female photographer so they can take shots whilst getting ready and the bridesmaids feel comfortable with them being around.

6 – Remember it’s your wedding and the day is all about you, so your photography needs to reflect this.  Ensure that you compile a comprehensive brief that reflects what you want and discuss this with the photographer in advance.  

7 – Make sure the photographer is briefed on the various locations involved in the wedding – wedding ceremony location to reception to outside photographs etc., so they know what they are working with and can visit them beforehand.  I think the photo ‘recce’ is so crucial and often missed out.  You need to know what will work and not at your venues, where your Plan B locations will be if it rains and remember, the sun is in a different position in the sky winter/summer and sets at different times - so please factor this in if you are looking for a sunshine backdrop.

8 – Finally one area that often gets overlooked is double-checking with the person carrying out the ceremony what photographs are allowed to be taken, so there’s no upsets on the day. You don’t want the proceedings grinding to a holt because the shots being taken aren’t allowed.



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