Apps which are essential to download for your honeymoon

When going on your honeymoon - the long-anticipated getaway which is a welcome change after all of the wedding stress - the last thing you want to be is unprepared! Here are 5 essential apps you must take with you to avoid just this...

Get the lingo - Babbel ( is one of those perfect apps, handy if you want to impress your partner with your knowledge of the local lingo while on your honeymoon. Available in 14 languages, from Spanish to Indonesian, the app will get you talking no matter your level – beginner, moderate or advanced. Not only can you practice your language skills and work on your accent from the first lesson, but the content you learn can easily be applied to real life situations, leaving you and your partner feeling at home no matter where you are in the world. Available on iOS and Android.

Never forget an essential item again - PackPoint ( – is the app that will help ensure you don’t forget any essential items when packing for your honeymoon. Packing can be stressful at the best of times, but especially after your wedding day when you have had so much to think about. PackPoint allows you to input your destination, dates of travel, length of stay, and any activities that you and your partner will be doing, and then generates a list of all items you need to pack, ensuring you are never without an important item again. Available on iOS and Android.

Take time out for yourself - Acast ( – is the perfect app to help you and your partner relax and take time out for yourselves, after the stress of planning a wedding. With a huge selection of podcasts on every topic, from true crime to comedy, history and travel, you are guaranteed to find something that will feed your interests. Some great shows to keep you entertained are Dirty Mother Pukka, an entertaining podcast all about love and family life and History Hit by Dan Snow, which takes you to weird and wonderful places around the world, making history interesting again. Acast also recommends shows tailored to your taste, lets you download podcasts for offline listening, and shares exciting ‘rich media’ from the hosts, to make your listening more fun and interactive. Available on iOS and Android.

Protect your important electronics - Trov ( is among the best apps that allow you to quickly insure common electronic items, offering protection for items such as laptops, mobile phone and cameras, allowing users to turn insurance on and off with a simple swipe within the app. If you have been caught up in the excitement of your wedding, it’s likely that insuring your belongings, ahead of your honeymoon, is a task that has slipped to the bottom of your to do list. Trov offers a simple and quick way to ensure your important electronics before you set off. Available on iOS and Android.

Your very own personal organiser - TripIt ( – is the answer to all your holiday nightmares of losing important booking confirmations. You will likely have received quite a few confirmation emails ahead of your honeymoon, which you will need to have on hand once your trip begins. TripIt, helps to organise this information and keep it all in one place. All you need to do, is forward these emails to the app, and TripIt will collect information from the emails, such as flights, hotels, bookings, rentals, and everything else, and put it together into your own, bespoke itinerary.honeymoon-apps


With all of these apps, your honeymoon should be a breeze!

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Monday, July 31, 2017 - 11:15

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