Chocolate traditions around the world

Chocolate is consumed, enjoyed and celebrated across the globe. From those that treat themselves to their favourite bar at the end of a long day, to the true chocoholics counting down to their next fix. All around the world, countries create their own chocolate traditions and we at Andrew James have rounded up the 6 best places for any chocolate lover to visit, and of course, sample their wares!



The Italians have a deep relationship with chocolate, with many considering it to be an aphrodisiac! As well as enjoying the more sensual aspects of chocolate, Italians are also Europe’s biggest fans of bitter chocolate varieties, especially those made with hazelnuts or a rich liqueur. 



The Japanese love creamy, melt in the mouth chocolate and often choose their chocolate by the milk used to create it. Japan is relatively new to chocolate, introducing it a century ago compared to the four centuries it has been enjoyed across Europe. 


The Swiss take the crown when it comes to chocolate eating, with a huge 9.4kg consumed per person each year. Switzerland is the birthplace of many of our favourite chocolate varieties, including milk chocolate and white chocolate. 


The French are real chocoholics, with 94% of the population consuming chocolate and a third treating themselves to a bite at least once a day. The French like their love chocolatechocolate dark and bitter, with a high cocoa content often mixed with hazelnut or almonds. 


In Mexico it’s common to start the day with a cup of hot cocoa! They’re also famous for using chocolate in cooking, inventing a delicious chilli cocoa sauce that’s often stirred into meat dishes. 


The solid chocolate bar was actually invented in London in 1674, so it’s no surprise that 70% of all milk chocolate bars sold in Europe are snapped up by the Brits! We are the 6th biggest consumers of chocolate in the world, enjoying an average 7.6kg per person each year.




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