The Flower Garden Chocolate Box

Chocolate symbolises, as no other food does, luxury, comfort, sensuality and love.  Chocolate has played an important role in wedding ceremonies from the Aztecs drinking a delicious cocoa concoction to the giving of chocolate as a wedding present from King Louis XIII of France to his new wife Anne of Austria.  And so the love story with chocolate begins….

Fast forward six hundred years and the love story continues with the creation of the beautiful Flower Garden Chocolate Box.  Chocolate has many health benefits being high in magnesium to relax and calm and calcium, iron and potassium for additional health benefits.  Simply the smell of chocolate slows down theta brain activity causing relaxation, which is perhaps why we drink a cup of hot chocolate before bedtime?  It also contains a chemical called phenylethylamine which is the same chemical released when we fall in love.  It is no coincidence that chocolate is the number one gift given on Valentine’s Day.flower garden
glutenfree vegan organic chocolate

The Flower Garden Chocolate Box has been created by Alessandra from The Functional Food Company using the finest of ingredients to stimulate the taste buds and tantalise the senses.  Each hand crafted flower is Organic, Fair trade, Vegan, Free from Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Soya and corn and infused with subtle flavours such as Raspberry, Beetroot, Matcha, Lemon, Orange and Lime and sprinkled with dry edible flowers.  Alongside high quality white chocolate, each chocolate contains probiotic lactobacillus and bifidobacterium that support digestive health, immune health and protein utilisation.


Each beautiful box of nine delicious chocolates are to be enjoyed, perhaps with a cup of camomile tea as we raise a cheer to the Aztecs of the past for introducing us to the pleasure of chocolate.

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