A gift of Vintage Port

Gifting a bottle of Graham's Vintage Port from a specific year is a great way to mark a wedding or the birth of a child, but up until now it hasn’t been possible to give this gift in the actual year the occasion is marked, as the wine is still on the vine.  


This new iteration of the Vintage Port Bond – the first of its kind on the market – follows hot on the heels of the very successful Graham’s Vintage Port Bond, launched in 2015, which allowed consumers to purchase a case of Vintage Port in its harvest year. By introducing the option to purchase a single bottle, Graham’s has taken this innovative idea and made it even more accessible to those seeking to find the perfect gift.


The Vintage Port Bond, allows people to gift a case of Vintage Port in the year of harvest, by way of a personalised certificate with beautiful calligraphy, given in lieu of the wine which is then bottled and shipped to them some 18 months later once the wine is ready.

When purchasing the single bottle Vintage Port Bond, consumers will receive a personalised certificate that they can then gift to a child or a newly married couple immediately. When the wine becomes available it will be shipped to the recipient, presented in a smart, individual wooden case, making for a fantastic, high-quality and long treasured gift.  The new Vintage Port Bond provides a special and memorable gift at very reasonable value


The recommended retail price of the Vintage Port Bond is £80 for a single bottle or £390 for a case. It can be purchased from specialist retailers such as Vintage Wine & Port, Berry Bros. & Rudd, Selfridges, Hedonism, Tanners, Jeroboams, Fortnum & Mason, Vagabond and Seckford Wines


October 19, 2017

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