Wow your wedding guests with amazing catering courtesy of The Barton Grange



“If you’re looking to go ‘all out’ on the catering at your wedding and don’t want to serve a traditional roast dinner, then you’re in luck as we have the inside track on some of the most innovative serving concepts around that will help you create the most memorable wedding day ever.

Plain old serving trays are so last year! 2016 will see food stations and buffet bars come to the fore- don’t expect to have to wait in line at a boring white linen table at the next party you attend.

Multiple food stations will help avoid too much queuing, keep service quick and also offer your guests inviting choices for all palates. This is great if you want to mix and match between a traditional starter, food stations for the main course that can serve foods from around the world and then back to a traditional dessert. There will also be a move towards sharing dishes. This ranges from huge tapas style Mediterranean platters dominating the table at larger functions to dainty duo dishes, designed to be shared by adjacent guests. It can also be applied to desserts by serving in the traditional way to the table but perhaps offer as a sharing plate – allowing guests to choose whichever mini-pudds they like from a platter in the centre of the table. Lots of couples often want to put their own twist on this so include foods from their favourite holiday location. This idea is a great talking point and something to bear in mind if you think your invitees need a little encouragement to mix and also offers them a greater variety of food.

There is also an increasing number of inventive ways to circulate drinks. You can really rev things up with a mixology mechanic to create bespoke cocktails at the drinks reception and is guaranteed to make your party move up a gear! If that’s a step too far then think about serving drinks that match the season so traditional German/Austrian spiced gluhwein or hot chocolate with a drop of brandy in the winter, or crisp, fresh cocktails decorated with cucumber and fruit in the spring! The world is your oyster!”











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