Insiders Guide To Wedding Photography Styles

You’ve found your dream partner to spend the rest of your life with, now for the next major decision, who to capture your big day? Good wedding photographers can get booked up months and even years in advance so it’s a great thing to get ticked off the list after you’ve chosen your venue. 

Before looking for your photographer you may want to decide whether you want film or digitalphotography. Choosing film can add a beautiful finish to your photos that is often difficult to match with digital, but it also adds to the photographers costs and can up your spend by around an extra £1000.

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So what about the most important factor in the photographer decision making process; which style of photography is right for you and your partner? Marriott Hotel wedding

coordinator Michelle Clarke hashighlighted the three most popular styles used at Breadsall Priory Derby to help with your choice.

Classic certainly doesn’t mean ordinary. The only style of wedding photography used pre digital; the traditional style of wedding photography often includes staged shots of the bride and groom and the wedding party, and ensures you capture all of your guests in groups if wanted. Classic photography gives more guarantees and can allow you more planning. The photographer will often have a set list of shots to achieve meaning you will get the images you hoped for of the people most important to you.





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Documentary / Lifestyle

More popular in recent years is documentary or lifestyle wedding photography, previously a style used almost exclusively in photojournalism. It produces candid, in-the-moment results. Photographers can blend in effortlessly, snapping away as the romance unfolds, allowing guests freedom to get on with celebrating. A great way to ensure a non-intrusive photographer and gives you a set of beautifully authentic images that tell the story of your day. Cut away images, cropped to essential information, can truly capture the small detail and big moments of your day. A bride laughing, a close up of the proud father of the bride with a tear rolling down his cheek, those unplanned precious moments you want to treasure.



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Now that wedding pictures don’t need to be awkward line-ups of you and your new in-laws, artisticstyle photography is a great way to really have fun with your wedding pictures. Artistic or ‘fine-art’ photographers can guide you in creating magical imagery that really channels you and your partner’s personality. This style is often more staged, incorporating props, and with the image maker using post-processing techniques on Photoshop and Lightroom. The image above is a great example of an artistic wedding shot, making use of an antique mirror on one of Breadsall Priory’s ancient trees, with a vintage effect filter added afterwards.





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For highly creative imagery, often inspired by fashion editorial photography, a contemporary style can deliver dramatic pictures of your big day. The photographer will often

employ artistic lighting techniques, which involves more planning than classic or documentary styles, but can be worth it for the high impact results. The use of off camera lighting also helps with the unreliable British weather; cloudy days aren’t a problem as professional lighting can easily replicate sunlight. If time constraints are an issue, contemporary shots of the bride and groom will often be taken before or after the big day to allow more time to set up particularly creative scenes.


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