Jewellery you can wear after your wedding

So, you’ve found your dream wedding dress which will turn you into a Disney Princess for the day, but let’s face facts; once the big day is over this dress isn’t likely to see the light of day again.  Even your shoes face this fate. 

When it comes to choosing your jewellery for the day, why not choose pieces that will look great with other outfits! If you go for versatile jewellery items, they can add glamour to an everyday look too, helping you make the most of your jewellery wedding budget. Wearing the jewellery again and again will also act as a reminder of your special day.

At Browns Family Jewellers, we offer unique jewellery for every occasion, and here are some of our top picks for jewellery to enhance your wedding day and beyond. 

studsJewellery that will last the test of time 

Diamond stud earrings exude sophistication and glamour, and suit every wedding hair style from flowing curls to sleek simple locks.  Diamond studs are a great way to add sparkle to your special day, and, to top things off, you will want to wear them the very next day with jeans and a T-shirt; adding effortless charm to an everyday ensemble for the morning after breakfast amongst your jaded guests! 

Drop diamond earrings drop down earings

A beautiful set of drop diamond earrings has to be one of the most popular wedding accessories. The elegant drop design has a gracefulness that draws attention to the face, bringing out your wedding day radiance. These earrings will also be a go-to for any special occasion that warrants a bit of dazzle, perhaps a summer ball, or even a girl’s night out.

cocktail ringCocktail Rings

Your ring finger may be centre stage on your big day, but that doesn’t mean your other fingers can’t be a glamorous ensemble cast.  For extra sparkle, a subtle diamond cocktail ring can add balance to your wedding wear. 

Whilst a cocktail ring may be daunting to flaunt day-to-day, the trick is to keep the rest of your attire understated, allowing your ring to add flair and up-style any ensemble.  


We all know that wedding hair is so much more than a style, it’s a work of art.  A brooch can look fabulous as a statement piece holding it all together; adding that additional touch of glitz to your luscious locks.  After your big day, the brooch can prove a reliable and versatile accompaniment to a variety of outfits.  A simple white shirt to be transformed into a lavish, sought after garment belonging on the catwalks of Milan.  A pinned brooch in the lapel, or alternatively on a cuff, can make a real statement and will look fantastic in a work meeting or a decadent cocktail bar.  


Your wedding day is the one day that you’re meant to go over-the-top.  But it is possible to go too far, so whilst your hair, makeup and dress go above and beyond, your neck jewellery is a great opportunity to set off such decadence with elegant minimalism.  A delicate chain design embellished with an opulent gem stone can look fantastic, without drawing attention from your statement pieces.  Better still, such minimalist pendants don’t look out of place on a more dressed down occasion; a piece you’ll be able to pull out of the jewellery box again and again.

Colourful Gemstonescluster rings

A beautiful, coloured stone can bring an element of vibrance to your traditional white dress.  In a variety of forms: earrings, rings and pendants, they all offer the opportunity to go off piste and personalise your traditional white dress. Sapphires, in particular, are a great accessory; not only are they a gorgeous gem, but they can also act as your something blue! These vibrant jewels can also look fantastic with a monochrome outfit or a crisp office suit - the perfect way to add a splash of colour to your working week.

Whilst it’s almost inevitable that most, if not all, of your wedding day attire will be purpose bought for the biggest day of your life, there’s no reason why they can’t be brought out again and again, and treasured for ever.  Every time you put them on, or catch your reflection wearing them, you’ll be taken back to that happiest of occasions. Whilst the dress may be a one-off, unique to a bride on her wedding day, the accessories are a great opportunity to enhance your collection of pieces; not only with items you love, but also those with meaning to you and your closest one. 



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