Shepherd Huts are the new romantic addition to the British wedding

The new trend for the modern British wedding is both simple and luxurious and it takes the form of a shepherd’s hut. Adding a rural and traditional element to weddings and wedding venues, Blackdown Shepherd Huts have responded to an increase in requests for shepherd huts and have set about creating special for-hire huts that meet all types of wedding needs from bride’s dressing rooms to the ultimate honeymoon hut.

Will Vickery, who owns Blackdown Shepherd Huts in Ilminster, Somerset, says: ‘The demand for huts to be used at weddings has really increased recently. Shepherd huts appear to be bang on trend, probably because they’re beautiful to look at and work well as photo backdrops, as well as being idyllic and private, special and intimate.’

Shepherd Huts romantic addition to British weddings

Will be using two shepherd huts at his own wedding in the summer – one as a honeymoon suite and one as a chillout room for guests. Will says the idea of the huts is catching on in the hospitality and wedding industry. ‘Brides, grooms, and hotels and venues that host weddings are looking at huts as really unique additions to weddings. Shepherd huts have become a real talking point and I’m so proud of the way we handcraft our huts at Blackdown, there’s no way our Somerset wedding would happen without using the huts in some way.’

Will adds: ‘People have been enquiring about using the shepherds huts as dressing rooms for brides and bridesmaids, as groom’s and ushers’ rooms (with a fridge in of course!), as honeymoon suites, and as photo booths. Our huts have an authentic charm and quality that really seems to inspire people for their special day, and the fact that they can dress them to suit the wedding allows for some real creativity.’

Jack Westworth, 29, and his new wife Sarah, 28, got married in April this year in Fivehead, Somerset and used a Blackdown Shepherd hut as honeymoon accommodation on Frogmary Green Farm. They were overjoyed with the hut as a wedding centerpiece. 

Sarah says: ‘The shepherd hut became the honeymoon hut on the night of our wedding. We didn't do anything to decorate it ourselves, but were genuinely surprised by our bridal party making the bed for us, putting champagne and two flutes next to it, and decorating the hut with rose petals and candles. They also created some romantic lighting and put on the log burner, so it was lovely and toasty when we got back!’ 

Sarah, who works as a dessert chef, says the hut was perfect for their country wedding. ‘We are both country people and wanted this country wedding, so the Blackdown shepherd’s hut fitted in perfectly. We decided early on to use local produce, ingredients and trades for our wedding, and Blackdown Shepherd Huts is a wonderful local business in Somerset.  

‘Having the hut as our honeymoon retreat means that we were able to enjoy the day right until the very end! We didn’t have to rush anywhere to check in to a hotel, and it also meant it wasonly a short walk to breakfast the next morning!’

Sarah adds: ‘We chose a shepherd’s hut because I fell in love with it! It also fit in with our wedding theme, and it was a bit different. It created a very romantic setting, since we could stay by the most beautiful lake under an oak tree. I know my sister wants one for her wedding – she kept commenting how snug, secure and surprisingly roomy it was!’

Jack, who owns his own civil engineering business, says: ‘We were really lucky to have a Blackdown Shepherds hut as part of our big day. They are a true piece of fine craftsmanship down to the very last detail.’ 

Blackdown Shepherd Huts are inspired by the original shepherd huts that once adorned the British countryside. Will says: ‘Whatever your wish, we aim to create your ultimate dream hut.Recent customers have purchased shepherd huts for a range of purposes from extra family room space and glamping businesses to saunas and garden offices. It seems the traditional shepherd's hut is very much becoming part of British culture again and that’s a wonderful thing.’

Blackdown Shepherd Hut information can be found at, The hiring of wedding huts starts at £500 plus vat for a weekend, excluding delivery which is £1 per mile plus vat each way.


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