Tips For Creating a Unique Wedding

Our Expert: Helen Ladlow has been working for a gorgeous wedding venue in Kent called The Orangery for over ten years. She loves meeting people and finds helping them make their dream wedding a reality hugely rewarding. Watching the reaction of the guests and groom when they first see the bride still brings a tear to her eye even after a decade of weddings! Over the years Helen has seen it all and has shared with us some top tips that she wants every bride to know.

What makes a wedding unique?

Making a wedding unique can be simple or extravagant. Lots of people add themes based on their personalities, interests or journey so far. This might involve colours schemes, table names or favours. Pretty much every part of a wedding can be tailor made and no two days are ever the same, that’s what makes it so special.

credit trevor godfree photographyCredit: Trevor Godfree Photography

What is the best season for a wedding?

We love autumn weddings. The grounds look spectacular all year round, but the colours in Autumn are so naturally beautiful it provides the perfect canvas for a whole array of finishing touches.

What should you keep in mind?

Make sure you have a rainy weather plan, no one can guarantee the weather, but if you have a good back up plan, it really doesn't matter. Speak to your venue about the special things unique to them, they will have a wealth of experience to share with you to make your wedding stand out.

Any other tips?

Try to make a plan and a budget that will help you get organised and know what is achievable. Let others help! People will want to help you, make use of their skills but remember it is your day so don't let them take over. It’s a cliché but the day really does come and go in a blur so make sure that you relax and remember to enjoy yourself through every stage of the process and on the day itself. It will all be great - Good luck!


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