Wedding Photography: What not to do?

You've been asked to photograph a wedding, or maybe you haven't maybe you're just hoping to sneak in some images to add to your portfolio. There's a lot of do's and don'ts when it comes to wedding photography.

DON'T be an “Uncle Bob”

If you're not the official photographer, it's probably still okay for you to take a few shots or practice your wedding photography but what you don't want to do is get in the way of the official photographer. 

The couple has paid someone to get great images, and you're either getting in their way, or your flash is ruining their images. Be respectful, ask them if you're in the way, and let them do their job FIRST even if it's just your iPhone.

DON'T show up lateblue fitter

Recently, I was in a wedding party where the photographer showed up 2 hours late. He didn't get half the shots the bride wanted because he wasn't there. Fortunately, I brought equipment and was able to capture the wedding photography (wedding photo editing services) that he missed (such as her getting ready). During those two hours, the bride was panicking and freaking out to the point where she was unable to enjoy the morning. Other than her groom not turning up there's nothing a bride is going to be more upset about, especially if she's asked you for before photos. 

Instead, be early and scout the location and get some ideas of layout and lighting beforehand.

DON'T Ruin her moment

The church is silent, everyone is listening to the vows, and the bride's nervous voice is quiet. Instead of being able to hear her, all the audience hears is the click of your shutter. While your bride obviously wants the moment captured with her wedding photography she also doesn't want it ruined for the family and friends that have come to see it. 

Watch the scene carefully, try not to be front and center or too much in the couple's faces unless it's something very specific that they have asked for. lake

Instead, observe and think before capturing or choose another angle that won't disrupt the ceremony to get an equally stunning shot of the moment.  

DON'T forget “the list”

All brides have certain images they HAVE to have. This might be a single image, or it may be multiples. There will be some on the list that are essential. When discussing your photos with the bride, you'll need a list for the day. Do not a) forget that list or b) not get those images. Especially if it's an "essential" for her, you want to do everything possible to get it. There's no "do over" for many of these shots, and you can't ask them to pause the wedding while you get it right. If you can't get these essentials then maybe you shouldn't be photographing the wedding at all. 

DON'T forget Candid shots

Many bride's favorite pictures are simply candid shots of the family or kids playing. While posed photos are expected the "in the moment," wedding photography is often what is cherished because it better captures the feel. This is something you don't need to discuss with the couple but do check to see if they have specifics in mind like the guests at tables or everyone dancing the funky chicken at midnight. 


September 14, 2017

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