What to do if your band cancels at the last minute

Our wedding days are planned down to every last intricate detail. From scattered rose petals on table tops to the order of canapés served and even right down to the very last song on our wedding playlist. Many of us spend months searching for the perfect band that is to our acquired taste. It takes time to choose a band you and your partner feel will conjure the exact atmosphere you have been putting together with every other element of your fairytale day.


But what happens if the unexpected happens and your band cancels last minute? Whether the cause is illness, bereavement, or transport failure, a legitimate reason doesn’t make the situation any less daunting. First things first, stay calm. We have everything you need to know to avoid the last minute dreaded panic.



Before you book a band, always be sure to pay using a debit or credit card so you are covered by payment protection insurance. Avoid a bank transfer and using cash. This means for your own peace of mind you are protected and not at risk of losing money if your band cancels last minute.

default bandHave a backup

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘It’s better to be safe than sorry.’ So to save yourself some unnecessary panic searching, it’s best to have a backup of at least two bands from your preferred taste. This means, if your band cancels and you have time to book another, you could easily get in contact with your other choices to enquire if they’re free on your wedding date.

Staying in touch

Forming a good relationship with the band prior to your wedding is important and can keep your mind at ease. This means you can discuss details of the location, default solotransport, and any issues that may affect them showing up.

Get buyer protection and go professional

To save yourself some stress, book a band with a professional company like Headliner. Headliner has a quality checking process and ensures that every band has Public Liability Insurance. They keep track of all the communication between you and the band about performance agreements. Their Accountability and Quality Promise ensures that they will find a replacement for you if your band drops out at no extra cost, and will find you an act of the same vein and quality as the original.

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