Is booking a DJ actually easier than booking a band?

Our wedding days are planned to perfection, nothing is left to chance from the speeches to the first dance. Unfortunately, while we don’t have much control over speeches and the embarrassing stories that come with them, we do have control over the first dance. The song choice, and whether that song is sung by a live band or a DJ playing the original song, is a tough choice for many. Traditionally, live bands have always been the first choice for wedding music, however recently , there seems to have been a shift as more couples turn to DJs. s In the age of convenience, perhaps this shift is a result of people believing that it is easier to book DJs over bands, however quite the opposite is true.

Wedding DJThe first common reason for hiring a DJ over a band is for the sake of having greater variety. It is true that DJs have massive libraries of music on their devices, however, what people don’t always know is that most DJs tend to limit their libraries to a certain genre of music, so if you do have an off the wall request, there is a good chance they won’t be able to take it. Most musicians welcome the opportunity to take requests before their gigs as a chance to add to their repertoire, and should not be overlooked as less versatile. Another common assumption is that DJs are cheaper than bands. This is very dependent on the size of the band and the quality of the DJ. A small budget for a DJ can also supply a solo musician or even a duo.

Booking a DJ also seems to be perceived as being easier than booking a band. Due to the fact that there are more members in a band, people can think that they will be harder to coordinate or have a higher likelihood of cancelling. This is a common misconception as the booking process is exactly the same for both. In terms of cancellation, of course there are more members of a band to worry about, but on the flip side, if something happens to a member of a band, there are still musicians that are going to show up. If you have a DJ that cancels last minute you are left with no music. Either way, having a backup plan in place is always a good idea. Alternatively, booking a band or DJ through a professional service, such as Headliner, makes for an easy booking process and coverage by a similar act should there be a last minute cancellation. It leaves one less thing to have to worry about on your big day.

So, if you are on the fence, or leaning towards hiring a band, do not let any misconceptions throw you off. There is an array of DJs and musicians to choose from to suit exactly what you are looking for and ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible.

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