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Personalise your wedding band with Lila’s Jewels

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If you are crazy about personalisation, you’ll need these wedding bands! With a growing demand for their bespoke services and following the success of their first collection designed in house, Confluence, LILA’s Jewels enters the personalisation market with the most exclusive wedding bands. Specialised in engraving and enamelling the pieces, they offer you the opportunity to add an image of your choice to the design and keep your happiest memories close to you.

Cata Rosca, Founder of LILA’s, explains: ‘The lighthouse is the place where the proposal took place so we based the engraving on a photo taken by the customer to make the bands completely unique for the happy couple’.

The Wedding DJ Checklist

wedding DJ

You might think that, in these modern times, you can't go far wrong with a wedding DJ. If you can find someone who can provide and operate their own laptop, then you've instantly got access to pretty much every song ever. At the click of a button, the person behind the keyboard can summon anybody's all-time fave, so you must be onto a winner.

Is booking a DJ actually easier than booking a band?

Wedding DJ

Our wedding days are planned to perfection, nothing is left to chance from the speeches to the first dance. Unfortunately, while we don’t have much control over speeches and the embarrassing stories that come with them, we do have control over the first dance. The song choice, and whether that song is sung by a live band or a DJ playing the original song, is a tough choice for many. Traditionally, live bands have always been the first choice for wedding music, however recently , there seems to have been a shift as more couples turn to DJs. s In the age of convenience, perhaps this shift is a result of people believing that it is easier to book DJs over bands, however quite the opposite is true.

Book the perfect wedding band

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Tips on how and when to book the perfect wedding band. If you’re getting married this coming spring or summer and want live entertainment at your wedding, it’s time to start looking up bands. Choosing a live act can be daunting; how can you choose a band that will suit everyone’s tastes, and sets the right mood for every stage of the day? You definitely don’t want to leave it to the best man and his iPod.

Book early

It’s best to book as early as you can; this way you’ll have your pick of bands. People tend to book over the period from April to October, so it gets very busy then: it’s best if you can beat the rush. Saturdays are also peak wedding time in the summer, so if you plan to get married on this day make sure to book well in advance.