5 simple grooming tips for bridegrooms

Stuart Miles

Grooming for the big day is so important to look healthy, handsome and your best. For the same reason that grooms are proud to see their stunning bride walk down the aisle, often a bride may want the groom to have put the effort in and not just with his clothing. The wedding day photos will be with you forever and grooming has never been more important. Vows and Venues spoke with Stuart Miles the UK's leading anti-ageing expert and founder of  to get his top tips for bridegrooms to look their best, not just during the ceremony, but all day.

Use semi permanent makeup for your big day

Samantha Trace treatment room

By Browologist and Semi Permanent MakeUp Expert - Samantha Trace. Your wedding day is one of the most important day's of your life. One that you dream about growing up knowing that when your special day came, you would want to feel your most beautiful.

From the dress, to the hair and make up and the shoes that glide you down the aisle, everything is perfectly chosen and part of that magical feeling.  That also goes for your eyebrows!

The benefits of a Training App to get wedding fit

Prime Body app

by Tim Blakey, Personal Trainer & Physiotherapist & founder of PR1MEBODY. Once the wedding planning gets underway, brides begin to find themselves with an increasingly hectic schedule in the lead up to their big day. And more often than not, it's the area they deem to be the most important that suffers the consequences of running out of time... All brides want to look ravishing and feel on top of the world on their wedding day. Adopting and sticking to a fitness and nutritional regime that can ensure they meet their goals can be stressful, time consuming and costly. Here are a few reasons why downloading and using a training app, at the gym or at home, might be a bride's best bet to getting wedding fit.

Aesthetic trends that will dominate the bridal world in 2018

Aesthetic trends 2018

Award winning Aesthetic Practitioner Dr Rekha Tailor, of Health & Aesthetics, takes a look at the Aesthetic trends that will dominate the bridal world in 2018. She comments “The popularity of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures has continued to experience steady and continual growth during 2017. This is set to continue throughout 2018 as procedures that appeal to a broader patient audience of both sexes, demographic groups and that treat a more diverse spectrum of body areas continue to make an appearance on the market.

Get healthy for your wedding with pre wedding drinks

Wow pre wedding health drink

It is often thought that just the food you eat should be taken in account when preparing for your big day - but it is very important to also consider your fibre, protein, omega 3 and electrolyte levels too. These can all be managed by monitoring the kinds of drinks you consume leading up to your wedding. Health drinks brand, WOW, has created a handy guide on the wedding drinks to include and avoid during the last few weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure brides are looking and feeling their best.

Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress with LighterLife

Lighter Life

Wedding dress shopping can be a daunting experience, especially when you’re met with so many designs, colours, shapes and fabrics in every shop you visit. The range of options you can be presented with makes it hard to work out exactly where you start to refine your choices.

For many, the thought of stepping into a bridal boutique can be a worrying one. Weddings often mean multiple all-eyes-on-you moments, which means body confidence and weight can be on your mind. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thought though. For many, booking your wedding might just be the motivation you need to work on getting your confidence back whilst also following, and ultimately maintaining, a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Top grooming tips for the groom on his wedding day

Male grooming

Premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge shares its top tips for looking great on your wedding day…

Don’t leave your haircut too late

It doesn’t matter if you’re drastically changing your style (not recommended!) or just keeping things tidy; make sure you book in to see your barber a week before your wedding. Giving yourself a solid seven days means your hairstyle can settle in, making it look more natural.

Wash your hair properly

When wedding stress turns into anxiety

Dealing with wedding stress

It’s widely recognised that wedding planning is a joyful, exciting and stressful time and wedding stress is probably going to affect you! There’s a huge amount of pressure for everything to be ‘perfect’ and for those suffering with anxiety, that pressure is felt even more intensely – above and beyond the usual stresses. As well as worrying about the ‘perfect day’, anxiety sufferers may find themselves over-worrying and over-analysing.

Am I the only bride-to-be that feels like this?

I can’t tell anybody – what if they think I have cold feet?

It’s supposed to be the happiest time of my life – why do I feel so over whelmed?

Ever Fasting love

Nutritionist Kim Pearson

If your wedding day is approaching, or if it's the lead up to someone else's big day, the chances are you may be thinking about shaping up! If you don't have time to follow a wedding diet plan, fasting maybe the answer.

New research into fasting is turning traditional nutrition advice on its head. We’re now learning that going for extended periods of time without food can provide a wide range of benefits. Fasting has been shown to promote health and longevity by reducing numerous disease risk factors and promoting cellular regeneration.
When carried out in the right way, fasting will not automatically result in a reduced metabolic rate or rebound weight gain as once believed.

Blushing Bride Fled During a Fitting for her Wedding Dress!   

Blushing bride

Blushing bride Debbie Rhodes, 33, from Glasgow, talks to Vows and Venues about how she solved her blushing problem before her big day, with the help of KALME products.

“I struggled for years with severe blushing and redness before I knew what it was. Everything seemed to make my skin go bright red. Most beauty creams made me go red, if I went in the sun, drank alcohol, got embarrassed or got in any awkward situations my skin would flush an embarrassing shade of red.

The Road to wedding Relaxtion

Manchester Spa

As I scurry through the city streets trying to escape the worst of the pouring rain, I glance up to the grey sky and wonder how anywhere else on this planet could be blessed with sunshine and warmth. But Manchester has a hidden secret; an oasis of calm and relaxation among the buzz of the Northern Quarter offering a splash of exotic colour against the dreary, drab streets of the city in winter.

Finally I spot my my destination. Rather unassuming from the outside, the Sarasin Spa, in Bradley Street, looks like the usual hairdressers or beauty salon you’d expect to find in Manchester, but I urge you not to be fooled by its newbuild, typically British exterior.

Make room for relaxation on your wedding to-do list

Craxton wood

Weddings can be a stressful affair. Perpetual planning, hunting for THAT dress and don’t even mention the pesky guest list… What a bride-to-be needs, is relaxation and to escape that very busy head space of hers from time to time and at Vows and Venues, we know just the place.

Ok so it’s a spa, but stay with us because this isn’t just any spa, this is the world of ESPA...

We often think of spas as a special treat, a luxurious once in a blue moon break, which of course they can be, but how about upping the ante and making your journey through steam and sauna a necessity instead?

Self love, practice it before the big day

Practice self love

With your wedding day coming up, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. The pressure and stress of last minute changes, vows to write and the thought of a marriage to work on for a lifetime can fill you with doubt and worry. These feelings are quite healthy and common, and with the most beautiful day of your life ahead of you now is the perfect time to reflect on how you choose to embark on this journey. Now is the time to practice self love. 

Beautiful brows for your wedding day

Wedding brows

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, right down to the smallest detail of her eyebrows. That's why Chermaine Kyriacou, Head Trainer at Browhaus, has taken the time to gives us her top tips for  beautiful brows on your wedding day.

Top tips for beautiful brows on your wedding day

Step One 

STOP everything you are doing (tweezing, threading, shaving) in fact no eyebrow hair removal for the next few months just let them grow out. Resisting the urge to reshape or even tidy up your brows at this stage will ensure you have the maximum amount of eyebrow hairs to work with before you start styling them. It's a lot more difficult to get a shape you love otherwise.

Step Two